OXNARD : Chamber Sets Up Business Hot Line

The Oxnard Chamber of Commerce has established a telephone hot line for business owners to answer questions about permit procedures, regulations and other government red tape, an official said Friday.

"It's tough enough trying to run a business, much less deal with governmental processes," said chamber Executive Director George Scarvelis. "We're trying to lighten the load for businesses."

Employers are often frustrated by the maze of government rules and regulations they face when operating a business, Scarvelis said. In some cases, business owners decide to move out of the area rather than deal with the requirements, he said.

The chamber's Business Retention Committee decided to create the hot line to help employers with their problems, he said. It has been in operation for about six weeks, but is not yet heavily used because most business owners don't know about it, Scarvelis said.

The number is 645-5882 and it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to all businesses in the Oxnard area, he said. When an employer calls with a problem, the issue is referred to one of several chamber members with expertise in that particular area. Operating costs are minimal because the chamber members donate their time, Scarvelis said.

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