Trade Fernandez If He Doesn't Like San Diego

I had to laugh when I read Tuesday's paper, Tony Fernandez making all that fuss because Greg Riddoch did not give him any time off.

Tony has a big mouth. Why didn't he ask for a day off? What has Fernandez done to talk so much about? So he hits a home run once in a while. He can't blame the manager, he's not so great as he thinks he is. Then he has the gall to compare himself to Benito Santiago. So Riddoch does not come out and argue more like the other managers do. Maybe he does not want to make a fool of himself, as we all know you can't win with an umpire.

Last year, Fernandez made a fuss because the infield was not to his liking. Trade him if he hates it here in San Diego.


San Diego

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