LAGUNA NIGUEL : City Budget Forum to Be Held Tonight

The City Council will be holding its first workshop tonight for officials and the public to discuss this year’s budget.

“This is their city money,” Councilman Paul M. Christiansen said. “We (council members) just sit there and listen to the public tell us where the money is to go.”

The council is preparing to adopt a proposed $20.6-million budget for the 1992-93 fiscal year. Because of the state budget crisis this year, council members put off adopting the city’s budget until they could be sure how much property and sales tax revenue Laguna Niguel would receive from the state.

“We have a clearer picture (of the state budget). We are getting on now with things that we wish we could do in June,” City Manager Tim Casey said. “So, now it is the appropriate time for the public to express their interests for particular programs.”


The city budget contains allocations for capital projects such as improving parks, adding traffic signals and putting lights along certain streets, as well as funds for community and nonprofit organizations.

The budget also contains money for construction of several neighborhood parks, a senior citizens’ center at Aliso Creek Road and Moulton Parkway and storm drain projects.

The workshop will be at 5 p.m. in the council chambers before the regular meeting.