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Upcoming on video: "Basic Instinct," "Thunderheart" and "Newsies" (Wednesday), "Batman Returns," "The Babe," "Shadows and Fog" and "The Cutting Edge" (Oct. 21), "Folks" (Oct. 22), "Beauty and the Beast" (Oct. 30), "Far and Away" and "Deep Cover" (Nov. 4), "Encino Man" (Nov. 11), "Sister Act" (Nov. 13), "Aliens 3" (Nov. 18), "Patriot Games" (Nov. 24) and "Lethal Weapon 3" (Dec. 2).

What's new on video: Here are some recent releases:

"My Cousin Vinny" (FoxVideo, $95). A culture-clash comedy about an inept Brooklyn attorney (Joe Pesci) who goes to an Alabama town to defend his cousin (Ralph Macchio) and a buddy, who've been jailed on a murder charge.

"One False Move" (Columbia TriStar, $90). Some rave reviews have turned this limited-release movie into a cult hit. In director Carl Franklin's violent, engrossing thriller, featuring a no-name cast, murderers who pulled off a gory drug heist edge toward a showdown with some killers in an Arkansas town.

"Gladiator" (Columbia TriStar, no set price). Slick, predictable boxing movie about two young Chicago fighters (James Marshall and Cuba Gooding Jr.). It's stocked with stereotypes but does boast some gut-wrenching boxing sequences.

"Straight Talk" (Hollywood, $95). Thin romantic comedy about a down-and-out Arkansas dance teacher (Dolly Parton) who becomes a star radio psychologist in Chicago and gets involved with a journalist played by James Woods, who shows little comic flair.

"Falling From Grace" (Columbia TriStar, no set price). Rock star John Mellencamp debuts as director--making many rookie errors--and actor in this amateurish drama about a burned-out rock star who goes back home to a small Indiana town with his wife (Mariel Hemingway). The script by novelist Larry McMurtry deserved better.

"Paris Is Burning" (Academy, $90). Jennie Livingston's fascinating, often moving documentary--arguably last year's finest--about black and Latino drag queens cavorting at a New York ball.

"Beethoven" (MCA/Universal, $25). With low-brow humor that is best appreciated by fans of the "Ernest" movies, this film is about a lovable St. Bernard named Beethoven who disrupts the lives of a suburban family headed by a long-suffering father (Charles Grodin).

"The Rescuers" (Disney, $25). This 1977 animated feature, about adorable mice who foil a kidnaping, doesn't belong with Disney's greats, but it has enough charm and humor to please the five- to-eight-year olds.

"Criss Cross" (MGM/UA, $95). It begins as a plodding tale about a poor single mother (Goldie Hawn) who turns stripper to help raise a 12-year-old son (David Arnott), then detours unconvincingly into a drug-smuggling drama.

"A Woman Under the Influence" (Touchstone, $95). At 2 1/2 hours, this low-budget, 1974 family drama, directed by John Cassavetes, is much too long, but it's worth wading through the slow, aimless stretches to savor Gena Rowlands' extraordinary performance as a mother of three on the verge of a breakdown.

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