Beverly Hills : City Manager Pact Renewed

The City Council renewed City Manager Mark Scott's work agreement for another year at its meeting Tuesday.

Scott, who has been city manager since April, 1990, will continue at $115,000 per year, the salary he started with when he was hired.

The city has also agreed as part of the employment package to sell Scott his city-owned 1990 Ford Taurus. Scott will pay $8,000 for the vehicle at 6% interest over a three-year period. In lieu of a city-owned and -maintained vehicle, Scott will receive a $400-per-month automobile allowance.

Before his appointment as city manager, Scott was director of environmental services, overseeing planning, transportation, and building and safety for three years under retired City Manager Edward S. Kreins. Scott came to the city in 1983 as Kreins' executive assistant.

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