Parker Fan Saves the Best for Last

As soon as I saw the front page teaser announcing the premiere of T. Jefferson Parker's new column in OC Live!, I said to myself, "Ah, I'll save this for last." So, in an obligatory speed-read of the news, I was set for my treat. I was not disappointed.

Mr. Parker is, of course, wonderfully literate, which anyone who's read his novels knows. He understands grammar and the potential for beauty and punch achievable through word choice.

He can be poignantly intuitive as well as a reporter of ordinary, real life that can make me say, "Yeah, right on."

This morning as I savored the debut column, I laughed out loud at two points, which was difficult with a mouthful of Grapenuts: about worrying if he was too fat and the vision of his dog and the Buddhist.

Simply bitchin'.


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