No Endorsements From Holtz, Though Clinton Was His Lawyer


Despite the fact that Bill Clinton was once Lou Holtz’s family attorney, the Notre Dame football coach isn’t endorsing the Arkansas governor for president.

For the record, though, Holtz isn’t endorsing anyone.

“Bill Clinton was my personal lawyer. I mean I had his picture in my office or in my home for 15 years,” said Holtz, who coached at Arkansas.

“We--my wife and I--used to have dinner with he and Hillary. . . . I (also) know President Bush. I play golf with Dan Quayle and talk politics.


“But I have absolutely nothing to say about who should be president of this country. But I do think everybody ought to vote. I just don’t believe personally that I should influence people. I think it’s best if I just be a citizen. . . . I have some views, but I’d never say anything publicly--not while I’m representing Notre Dame.”

But what about Ross Perot?

“I think his closing statement (at Monday night’s debate) was absolutely brilliant. And when I get the chance, I’m going to ask him to handle my trust,” said Holtz, referring to Perot’s comment that he was the most qualified candidate to handle the country’s finances because of his success in business.

Holtz said his busy schedule doesn’t stop him from being “very, very politically in tune with what’s going on. I do read the front page. My wife does tape political debates. I do watch CNN an awful lot. I am concerned about what’s going to happen and who’s going to lead the country.”