The major races in the Midwest:

Senate races: 10

House: 105

Governor: 3

Term limit measures: 6

ILLINOIS * President--With 89% of votes counted:

Bush 1,489,268 34% Clinton 2,131,913 49% Perot 720,367 17%

* Senate--Democrat Carol Moseley Braun defeated Republican Richard Williamson, 54% to 46%. Braun will become the first black woman to serve in the U.S. Senate. * House--The chairman of the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, won an 18th term by defeating GOP challenger Elias Zenkick, 59% to 41%. Redistricting pared Illinois’ 22-member House delegation to 20. * Other--Voters were deciding if they wanted education declared a state-supported right.

INDIANA * President--With 98% of votes counted:

Bush 953,393 43% Clinton 811,625 37% Perot 441,280 20%

* Senate--Incumbent Republican Dan Coats defeated Democrat Joseph Hogsett, 58% to 42%. Coats was appointed to succeed Vice President Dan Quayle and then elected in a special 1990 race. * Governor--Incumbent Democrat Evan Bayh defeated Republican Linley Pearson, 63% to 37%. Bayh is the nation’s youngest governor and the son of former Sen. Birch E. Bayh.

IOWA * President--With 98% of votes counted:

Bush 491,012 38% Clinton 565,472 43% Perot 244,125 19%

* Senate--Incumbent Republican Charles E. Grassley defeated Democrat Jean Lloyd-Jones, 72% to 28%. Lloyd-Jones, an underfinanced state senator, said she entered the race after watching Grassley on the Senate committee that questioned Anita Faye Hill. * House--Republican Jim Nussle defeated incumbent Democrat David Nagle, 51% to 49%. * Other--A measure that would write the Equal Rights Amendment into the state constitution was too close to call.

KANSAS * President--With 86% of votes counted:

Bush 399,749 39% Clinton 353,150 34% Perot 279,724 27%

* Senate--Incumbent Republican Bob Dole defeated Democrat Gloria O’Dell, gaining 64% of the vote. In what was dubbed the “Year of the Woman,” O’Dell had neither the money nor the message to unseat Dole. * House--The House delegation consisted of two Democrats and three Republicans, but the state was losing a seat through reapportionment. * Other--Voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment to ensure crime victims the right to be notified of legal proceedings involving those suspected or convicted of crimes against them.

MICHIGAN * President--With 59% of votes counted:

Bush 889,501 37% Clinton 1,055,446 43% Perot 485,600 20%

* House--The loss of two seats in redistricting meant only five open seats in the 16 congressional races. In early returns, Republicans had won one of the seats, led in two other races and trailed Democrats in the other two. * Other--A term limit measure was approved. An auto insurance relief measure and two measures to cut or cap taxes were trailing.


MINNESOTA * President--With 69% of votes counted:

Bush 514,279 32% Clinton 731,651 45% Perot 382,936 24%

* House--In a top congressional race in the Twin Cities, five-term Democratic Rep. Gerry Sikorski appeared headed for defeat as he trailed Republican Rod Grams, a former TV news anchor, 47% to 35%. Sikorski was criticized for writing 697 bad checks on the now-defunct House bank.

MISSOURI * President--With 93% of votes counted:

Bush 724,920 34% Clinton 931,454 44% Perot 462,171 22%

* Senate--Incumbent Republican Christopher S. Bond defeated Democrat Geri Rothman-Serot, 54% to 46%. Bond had raised five times more campaign money than Rothman-Serot. * Governor--Democrat Mel Carnahan defeated Republican William Webster, the state attorney general, 59% to 41%. * Other--Two term-limits amendments to the state constitution easily won approval. One curbs state legislative service and the other affects Congress. Voters in Mark Twain’s home state also legalized riverboat gambling, promoted as a multimillion-dollar economic boon.

NEBRASKA * President--With 98% of votes counted:

Bush 321,009 47% Clinton 202,774 30% Perot 162,013 24%

* House--The three House incumbents--two Republicans and one Democrat--were favored to win reelection. * Other--A term limit measure passed with 68% of the vote. A constitutional amendment to create a state lottery also was approved.

NORTH DAKOTA * President--With 78% of votes counted:

Bush 92,744 44% Clinton 67,972 32% Perot 50,585 24%

* Senate--Democrat Byron L. Dorgan defeated Republican Steve Sydness, 61% to 39%. * House--Democrat Earl Pomeroy defeated Republican John Korsmo in a race for Dorgan’s seat. * Governor--Republican Edward Schafer defeated Democrat Nicholas Spaeth, 58% to 42%. Democratic Gov. George Sinner is retiring. * Other--A term limit measure was approved with 55% of the vote.

OHIO * President--With 97% of votes counted:

Bush 1,805,787 38% Clinton 1,908,421 41% Perot 988,237 21%

* Senate--Incumbent Democrat John Glenn defeated Republican Michael DeWine, 54% to 46%. * House--Two congressional incumbents with overdrafts at the House bank--Democrat Mary Rose Oakar and Bob McEwen, a Republican--lost their reelection bids. Oakar was defeated by Republican Martin Hoke; McEwen lost to Democrat Ted Strickland. * Other--Voters approved term limits for state and federal officeholders. Ballots also were cast on a comprehensive labeling law.

SOUTH DAKOTA * President--With 87% of votes counted:

Bush 118,021 41% Clinton 105,021 37% Perot 63,309 22%

* Senate--Incumbent Democrat Thomas A. Daschle defeated Republican Charlene Haar, 67% to 32%. * House--Incumbent Democrat Tim Johnson won a fourth term against Republican John Timmer. * Other--A term limit measure was approved, 64% to 36%. Voters also were deciding whether to impose a state income tax.

WISCONSIN * President--With 85% of votes counted:

Bush 762,138 36% Clinton 887,375 42% Perot 446,880 21%

* Senate--Democrat Russell Feingold defeated incumbent Republican Bob Kasten, 58% to 42%. * House--Incumbent Democrat Les Aspin won reelection easily, defeating Republican Mark Neumann. Ada E. Deer lost in her bid to become the first woman Indian elected to Congress.