Paleontology 101

Two small corrections only to Jane Galbraith’s delightful and well-researched article on the Dinosaur Society and Dino Times’ involvement with the film “Jurassic Park” (“Where Does an 8-Ton Dinosaur Sit at Morton’s?,” SNEAKS ’93, Jan. 24):

* The film’s principal scientific adviser is John R. Horner of the Museum of the Rockies (he is also a member of the society board). The Dinosaur Society is honored to be associated in several respects with this most scientifically scrupulous of dinosaur films; however, it does not serve as a paid adviser.

* The only complete specimen of Tyrannosaurus rex for which a weight estimate has been attempted yields a weight of 6.5 tons (according to as-yet-unpublished research), not the 6 to 10 tons indicated by The Times and its source, the Encyclopaedia Brittanica.



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