SANTA ANA : Martin Luther King Street Plan in Works

In honor of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., the City Council is expected to direct the Planning Commission on Tuesday to consider renaming a street for him. No street in the county bears King’s name.

“This is a great American leader, a slain leader. It’s just basically out of respect,” said Councilman Ted Moreno, who proposed the change after a request from local church leaders.

“Everything Martin Luther King stood for, his leadership style, his way of being a peaceful leader is something you try and strive for. The changes he made affected a whole nation,” he said.

Van Dolan Roberson, president of the county Baptist Ministers’ Fellowship Conference, hopes the city will rename Fairview Street because it intersects the San Diego Freeway. Also, Costa Mesa officials could choose to rename the portion of that street that extends to the Costa Mesa Freeway.


“We ought to recognize him like we recognize Lincoln and Washington. This has nothing to do with the color of his skin. He stood for right. It cost his life, but he stood,” Roberson said. “I’m not looking for a short residential street. I’m looking for something that will stand out.”

“That’s something that needs to be thought out,” said Michael Metzler, president of the Chamber of Commerce. He said city officials should consider potential costs to businesses that the change would entail, including having to print new stationery.

“Generally, it’s an issue that most people would support and it may be that businesses may not have any problem with it at all. (However), if they are worried about some of the cost factors, that ought to be addressed.”