FILLMORE : City Plans Limits on Sex-Oriented Firms

Unable to stop adult entertainment businesses from locating in Fillmore, city officials will instead draft legislation to regulate them before it gets any applications to open such an establishment.

The City Council decided at Tuesday’s meeting to form a subcommittee to study the legal aspects of zoning a sexually oriented business.

Councilman Roger Campbell said the council hopes to restrict any permissible site for such a business to areas far from schools, churches, parks and residences.

But the city is legally bound to allow a viable location for sexually oriented businesses because they are considered free-speech activities, officials said.


City planners chose to draft limitations after recent battles to regulate a proposed nude bar in Simi Valley and an adult bookstore in Oxnard.

Councilwoman Linda Brewster said city leaders strongly oppose sexually oriented businesses and will attempt to enact the strictest policies possible. “It’s better to do it now,” she said “before an applicant comes forward with a request.”

City planners will also draft an emergency ban on adult entertainment businesses. The moratorium will be voted on at the March 9 City Council meeting.

The subcommittee will discuss options to regulate hours of operation, alcohol use and whether the city can legally zone an adult-oriented business in Fillmore’s industrial area.

“Legally it’s not fair to stick it out in the middle of nowhere. But morally I think it’s fair,” Brewster said.