Disneyland Visitors Exposed to Repellent OK

No serious injuries were suffered by eight people who were treated at area hospitals after being exposed to a Mace-like repellent during a weekend fight at Disneyland's Haunted Mansion attraction, park officials said Sunday.

A Disneyland spokesman who would not give his name said police told him the people were taken to Western Medical Center-Anaheim and Anaheim Memorial Hospital for "precautionary checks" after the incident at 10:40 p.m. Saturday.

"The police said they were released" the same night, the spokesman added.

Police said the incident occurred when a fight broke out between two men at the Haunted Mansion ride. One man sprayed some form of repellent at another, and several dozen people at the attraction later complained of respiratory problems apparently caused by the spray.

Disney spokesman John McClintock said that 30 to 80 people were treated at the park, while eight among the group were sent to local hospitals with more serious complaints.

The two men involved in the fight were taken into custody, but it was not immediately known if they were later released.

Anaheim police said they could provide no new information on the case Sunday, nor did they know what type of repellent had been used during the fight. One lieutenant said the spray "was of a dog type, the kind you buy at a pet store," while a sergeant said it "was made of pepper." Neither officer was certain, however, and each refused to give his name.

KCBS-TV, meanwhile, reported that 22-year-old Marcello Krackoff said he had used his wife's repellent to defend himself and his family after another man threatened him as they waited in line for the ride. Krackoff could not be reached for further comment.

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