SUNSET BEACH : 7 Caught in Current Pulled to Safety

Lifeguards rescued seven men caught in a strong rip current Tuesday afternoon off Sunset Beach.

None of the men were seriously injured, although one showed symptoms of hypothermia and was taken to a hospital.

David Pryor, lifeguard supervisor at Bolsa Chica State Beach, said the men had driven to the beach from Los Angeles. Most were wearing shirts and pants in the water, and one even had tennis shoes on.

They were wading as far as 300 yards from shore when the rip current hit just after 2 p.m. Bystanders on the beach, seeing that the men were trapped, called for help, Pryor said.

Three lifeguards with rescue tubes pulled the seven men to safety.

Rip currents are formed when an abundance of water moves toward shore, forming a narrow tide that pushes away from the shore.

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