NEWBURY PARK : Neighbor Rescues Boy, 3, From Pool

A child who fell into the pool at a Newbury Park apartment complex was saved from drowning by a neighbor Tuesday morning, officials said.

Three-year-old Joshua Suh and his brother Jonathan, 4, were playing unattended near the pool when Joshua tumbled in while trying to retrieve a toy, sheriff's investigators said.

Neighbor Christopher Gary Cooper, 23, witnessed the plunge and ran to the scene, scooped Joshua out of the pool and performed CPR on the boy, who had stopped breathing, said Debbie Scott, another neighbor.

"It happened really fast," she said. "I knew it was a good sign when Joshua started crying."

By the time rescue workers arrived, Joshua was breathing again, said paramedic John Wilson.

Joshua was reported in good condition at Los Robles Regional Medical Center on Wednesday night.

Joshua's father, Khu Suh, was caring for the boys when they wandered unnoticed out of their first-floor apartment and into the pool area, investigators said. Neither he nor Sung Sun Suh, the boys' mother, was available for comment.

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