PLEASE MR. POSTMAN : Elvis Stamp of Approval

Any true rock 'n' roll collector has at least a couple of rolls of the Elvis stamp safely tucked away by now.

But what about the Elvis stamp watch ? Or our favorite: the Elvis stamp pillow that turns into a teddy bear?

They're among the more than 50 items available by mail from a Columbus, Ohio, company that has become a clearinghouse of sorts for Elvis stamp souvenir items.

We're talking about the Wasserman Co., the nation's third largest supplier of postal employee uniforms. The company's annual 48-page catalogue is devoted to such basic letter carrier needs as shirts, clip-on ties and rain capes. The toll-free phone number is (800) 848-3576.

The link with Elvis' world began in October when Nancy Wasserman, the company's vice president, contacted novelty manufacturers around the country for Elvis items to include in the company catalogue's gift section.

The demand was so strong that the company has printed separate Elvis gift catalogues and sent them to Elvis fan clubs around the country. The most popular item, she says, is the basic white Elvis stamp T-shirt, which her company sells for $14.95. Other items range from beach towels to jewelry boxes. The teddy bear/pillow: yours for only $35.

"A lady called me a few minutes ago, wanting to know if we carried a 'Love Me Tender' T-shirt she heard that actually plays the song," Wasserman says.

"And there is one. The manufacturer sent me a sample, but I thought it was too expensive for most fans to want one . . . about $30. But there's so much interest that I may have to get them. The post office is going to put out books of the Elvis stamps in June, so there'll be another wave of demand for all this."

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