South Pasadena : Ex-Mayor Sues His City

A former mayor is taking South Pasadena to court, alleging that the city violated his civil rights by revoking a building permit on his home in 1990.

Last week, Pasadena Superior Court Judge Coleman Swart rejected a motion by South Pasadena to dismiss former Mayor Lee Prentiss' lawsuit against the city.

Prentiss alleges that city officials manipulated zoning laws to revoke a building permit that allowed him to add on to his house as revenge for his conservative political and religious beliefs. He said he has not been able to complete his remodeling because of city actions.

City Atty. Edward Lee said the city was required to revoke the permit because Prentiss' house was on the state historic inventory and any changes require environmental review.

He said the city held a hearing and issued new permits after Prentiss agreed to design changes.

"The state of his house is strictly his decision. We issued him new building permits," Lee said.

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