The $8-Million Embezzler Who Regrets Very Little

Dana Parsons is certainly on the right track in describing Daniel Hernandez ("Hernandez's Self-Defense Is Legendary Self-Deception," March 19).

Hernandez's arrogance and self-interest is disgusting. He is now trying to depict himself as the victim simply because he was caught.

To answer his question "Who did I hurt?": He has hurt all of us who pay taxes on our income (and most of us do not make $8 million). We will now have to pay for the lengthy trial and his imprisonment if he is found guilty.

And where is the morality in hurting a corporation? He excuses his behavior because big corporations don't count, claiming he did not hurt individual people. I've got news for you, Mr. Hernandez, corporations are made up of many individuals. Grow up and try to achieve some semblance of a sense of personal responsibility and integrity which is still valued by most of us today.


Fountain Valley

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