Now you, too, can have an enemies...


Now you, too, can have an enemies list!Call Block, a new General Telephone service, allows you to designate up to 12 phone numbers you don’t want to hear from.

Should someone at one of the dirty dozen call, he or she receives this polite (if not completely forthcoming) GTE recording: “The number you’ve called is not receiving calls at this time. Thank you.”

Now you know, Mayor Bradley--in case you ever try to phone Daryl Gates’ KFI talk show.

Elvis, the commish: You may recall that Elvis Presley once was photographed with President Nixon at the White House during a meeting in which the singer offered his services as an undercover drug agent. The occasion has been memorialized in a Nixon-Presley T-shirt.


It turns out that the singer also huddled with then-L.A. Mayor Sam Yorty in 1971 and received a Los Angeles police commissioner’s badge inscribed with the name “Elvis.”

The badge’s existence was revealed in a lawsuit filed recently by Larry Geller, Presley’s former bodyguard. Geller, who was given the shield by Presley, claims it was later stolen by a couple of L.A. businessmen who had promised to manufacture replicas.

As a result, the distressed Geller has no memento of that historic meeting at City Hall. Not even a Presley/Yorty T-shirt.

Try this one on for size: In honor of Mother’s Day, Paul Cato dug out this photo, which he snapped in Rolling Hills Estates several years ago.

Real estate gambit No. 3,224: “Win a Prestigious Home in California,” says a real estate agency’s announcement. “It’s a simple essay contest.”

Entrants receive a brochure containing photos of a three-bedroom, “$800,000 home” in the Cheviot Hills district of West L.A. along with instructions to describe their love for it in “a skill-oriented essay . . . not more than 250 words.”


The small print--always fun reading in this kind of promotion--notes that

“the contest requires a minimum of 6,750 entries.” Oh yes, there’s a $100 entrance fee, a $15 “processing fee.” And you automatically go on the mailing list of the realtor, Creative Property Marketing of San Francisco.

We’d advise you not to reveal your phone number unless you have Call Block.

NOHO, he won’t go for it: Chappy Czapiewski, a North Hollywood resident, believes the local Chamber of Commerce’s practice of referring to the community as NOHO isn’t a very skill-oriented idea.

“It was supposed to be a cute takeoff on SoHo, the arts district in New York,” he wrote. There’s now a NOHO News as well as a NOHO Arts Festival. NOHO “sounds terrible,” he said, adding he wouldn’t wish the name on anything-- “except maybe a gardening product.”


Those Darn Accordions!--who recorded “The Chicken Boy Polka” in honor of the former mascot of an L.A. chicken restaurant--report that the instrument has shed its un-hip image and has inspired the formation of several groups, including, the Closet Accordion Players Assn.