U.S. Intervention in Bosnia

It is impossible to describe the depth of my rage and indignation on reading (Washington Insight, April 27) that David Geffen--along with his Hollywood cronies--has written President Clinton calling for "immediate U.S. action, even air strikes," in Bosnia.

This is the same David Geffen who, in a recent Times interview, wondered "why anyone would want to serve in the military." Apparently it's all right for us to put our young service people in harm's way just so long as Geffen doesn't have to be among them.

For an avowed anti-militarist to urge a draft-evading President to commit American troops to combat (and if you think air strikes aren't combat, think again) is the model of hypocrisy.

As a veteran who served proudly and honorably, and as the father of a son who is doing the same, I find Geffen's actions reprehensible.



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