Combat Missions for Women

Now that women will soon be permitted to become combat aviators, sailors, troops, I'd like to voice my opinions on the subject.

* There should be no conflict in chivalrously treating a woman as a lady and in treating her as a capable co-worker; there's no trouble in treating a male as a gentleman and co-worker.

* A woman should be given the same opportunities to succeed or fail in accordance with her own merit as does any male.

* A male who thinks that his gender and training are preclusive to any specific employment must have had a sad and motherless childhood.

* A housewife and mother is singularly the world's most qualified individual; she is at once, besides a homemaker, a scholar, physician, counselor, economist, accountant, athlete, machinist, plumber, etc.

Hey guys! "Macho Man" went out with the Village People. 'Nuff said.



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