Combat Missions for Women

In response to "Aspin to Allow Women to Fly Combat Missions," April 28:

Since World War I, we have yet to fight an enemy that has adhered to the Geneva Convention on prisoners of war. What makes us believe that future enemies will? The only two women captured by the Iraqis were sexually assaulted. Can you imagine what will occur to American women pilots if they are POWs for the lengths of time some of our pilots were in the Korean and Vietnam wars? Is this what we want for America's wives, daughters, sisters, etc.?

And what is to logically follow? Affirmative action program quotas, and since women compose 50% of the population, 50% of combat pilots need to be women. Next, women subject to the draft and forced into combat occupational specialties. Absurd--since women are being allowed into combat, why would not some young man go into court and claim discrimination, and considering the way our courts are ruling, win.

I proudly served my country on active duty for 20-plus years, yet I assure you that when this occurs, I will personally take my granddaughter to Canada or somewhere. The problem is that the ones making these rulings have never "walked the walk," and will not listen to their experienced military advisers. No other democracy purposefully puts women "in harm's way."


Hacienda Heights

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