OXNARD : Employee Suggestion Program Instituted

City workers will be able to turn their money-saving ideas into cash under an employee suggestion program adopted by the Oxnard City Council.

Council members unanimously approved the program Tuesday and set aside $5,000 to reward city workers who contribute suggestions that make City Hall more efficient and effective.

All of Oxnard's more than 900 full- and part-time employees are eligible to participate.

City workers can earn from $50, for an idea that saves $1,000 to $5,000, to a maximum of $250 for an idea that saves more than $10,000. Employees who submit suggestions that save $1,000 or less will receive certificates of commendation.

Suggestions will be reviewed by a 12-member committee of city employees, which will pass on recommendations to City Manager Vern Hazen, who has the final say.

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