BASEBALL / DAILY REPORT : ANGELS : Rodgers: Don't Rule Out Trade

If the Angels stay in the American League West race another two months, Manager Buck Rodgers said it's conceivable they would make a detour in their youth-movement plan.

Considering that the Angels spent most of the off-season trimming their payroll, would they really be willing to acquire a high-priced player during the second half?

"If we're still in contention at the All-Star break," Rodgers said, "I don't think we'd have to be too persuasive. In fact, it might be at (Gene and Jackie Autry's) urging.

"That may sound funny, but I mean that. They're good business people, and that's good business. The fans are coming back already, and if they have a chance to spend $1 to make $2, they'd have to recognize that.

"Certainly, if it's in the middle of August, we're within five games and playing well, you'd say, 'Let's go. Let's do it.' "


Thursday's game was stopped in the fourth inning when a woman ran onto the field and tried to kiss Yankee starter Mike Witt. Security guards escorted her through the Angel dugout. "Those guys were roughing her up pretty good," Rodgers said. "I told those guys, 'Take it easy, it's not like she pulled a gun on us or anything.' " . . . Rodgers played the game under protest when plate umpire John Shulock ruled unintentional batter's interference on Bernie Williams in the third inning on a stolen-base attempt by Pat Kelly. The protest was dropped when the Angels won. . . . Tim Salmon grounded to first in the sixth inning, ending a streak of seven consecutive strikeouts.

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