TV's Prime Team

The problem with Du Brow's dream TV schedule, composed of his choices for the greatest TV dramas and comedies of all time, is that such a schedule isn't what TV is all about.

TV, almost by definition, is a hodgepodge. It's the good and the bad, the serious and the unserious, and the well-done and the poorly done.

A classical music lover can't just listen to late Beethoven quartets all the time--occasionally he may want to listen to Offenbach's cancan music. Likewise the average viewer not only wants to watch "Perry Mason," but he may also want to see "Gilligan's Island" or Drew Barrymore playing Amy Fisher.

I want TV to be a boredom killer, a titillater, a stimulator, a window to make you think or a vacuum to turn your mind off. That's the real meaning of switching channels.



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