MISSION HILLS : Elderly Victim of Pit Bull Leaves Hospital

A 90-year-old woman who suffered a broken pelvis in an attack by a pit bull was released from the hospital Monday.

"She's OK. She's in good condition," Holy Cross Medical Center spokeswoman Jane Cessar said.

But Juana Bracomente said Monday that she was still in a lot of pain. Bracomente, a Fontana resident, was attacked Wednesday while walking her pet Chihuahua in the back yard of Parra's home in Mission Hills.

According to Alberto Parra, a relative of Bracomente's, the pit bull entered the property through the front gate and continued along the side of the house. When it got into the yard, it jumped on Bracomente and her pet. The Chihuahua died at a local veterinarian's office from injuries sustained in the attack.

Parra said Bracomente had been transferred to a chiropractic nursing facility for further treatment of her injury.

Lt. Lisa Goodman of the Department of Animal Regulation said the female pit bull, which is being held at the agency's North Hollywood shelter, had still not been claimed by its owner. If it is not claimed by May 29, the 18-month-old animal will either be put up for adoption or destroyed. If the owner does show up, an administrative hearing may be held to decide the dog's fate, Goodman said.

Parra said the family is considering legal action if the owner is located. "It could just be for payment of the vet bill," which was $375, he said.

Bracomente still has not been told of her dog's death. "I don't want to be the one to tell her," Parra said.

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