Advancing the Battle Against Drugs in U.S.

To clarify some mistaken perceptions of the Coalition for a National Drug Policy Change efforts at our May 10 presentation at the Crystal Cathedral, we solely wanted to spark a national debate and investigation to bring about change. We do not have specific advice or goals beyond medical and social solutions for addicts, such as treatment and education.

My experience in Rotterdam at the Fourth International Conference for Reduction of Drug-Related Harm proved that there are other ways to help a society than prisons and the criminal justice system we use here in the United States.

The use of police as adjuncts to help "serve and protect" the community in partnership with fellow human beings is truly an example we need to explore for use here. With record numbers of police being killed, we must ask why? What can we do to help police feel appreciated and a part of our needs as a people, rather than against.

We Americans are an intelligent and creative people and must realize that those qualities must be used to create a new plan of action to change the miserable situation we are in now into a society investing in people and not armaments.


Coalition for a

National Drug Policy Change


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