Michael Jackson Concert in Israel Rescheduled


Pop superstar Michael Jackson has rescheduled a concert in an apparent attempt to make his sponsor, Pepsi-Cola, kosher again in the eyes of rabbis.

Promoter Marcel Avram told a news conference Friday that the Tel Aviv performance, initially planned for a Saturday night, would be moved ahead two days to Monday, Sept. 20.

Pepsi angered rabbis last month when the soft drink was sold before the Jewish Sabbath ended to youngsters waiting for a Guns N’ Roses concert to start in Tel Aviv.

Jewish ritual law forbids all trading between sundown Friday and the appearance of at least three stars in the heavens on Saturday night.


For the rabbis, news that a Pepsi-sponsored Jackson concert would also be held on a Saturday night was the last straw. A rabbinical court withdrew its certification that Pepsi was produced in compliance with Jewish dietary laws.