CAMPANELLA DIES: Woodland Hills resident Roy Campanella,...

CAMPANELLA DIES: Woodland Hills resident Roy Campanella, 71, the Hall of Fame catcher whose career was ended by a car accident, died of a heart attack. The ex-Brooklyn Dodger star was paralyzed by spinal nerve damage in 1958. (C1)

SIGNING UP: Billboard firms have for years drawn complaints that the roadside signs mar the landscape. . . . Now the companies are fighting another battle: against graffiti. The same high visibility that attracts advertisers is drawing increasing numbers of taggers. Outdoor advertisers are resorting to razor wire and security guards to discourage the spray-can toting youths. (B1)

BRAINY GOODBYS: It was a common end-of-school scene--the orchestra plays, the students do skits and a retiring teacher wipes a tear as he is handed a plaque. But Paul Mertens’ students are different. They are the city’s real-life Doogie Howsers. (B1)


WATER WAYS: There’s definitely life away from the beach. Valley residents can splash at several inland water spots this summer. . . . Bathing, bird-watching, even trophy bass. Where to go for H2O, a local guide. (B2)

SCOUT’S HONOR: Norman Rockwell would have loved this. The boys of Troop 504 gathered to remember the late Scoutmaster Milt Samuels, who earned his Eagle Scout rank in 1937. He died last month after years of local service. . . . Being a Scout isn’t easy these days, says columnist Scott Harris. There are challenges from the women’s movement, gay activists and atheists. Plus, all those knots. (B1)

LATE RALLY: Ballplayer Torey Lovullo came out of Montclair Prep and UCLA a “can’t-miss” prospect. . . . But he didn’t fulfill his potential in the major leagues. At least not until this season with the Angels. He is finally putting behind previous failures with the Tigers and Yankees. (C12)