Students Visit from Mexico

Six high school students from Celaya, Mexico, are visiting the San Gabriel Valley area until Aug. 1 as part of an exchange program. In August, six local high school students will visit Celaya.

The exchange, organized by the Chinese American Parents & Teachers Assn. of Southern California, is aimed at easing ethnic tensions at local high schools and broadening students' views of other cultures. The trips were organized following two fights that broke out at San Gabriel High School involving Latino, Asian and Anglo students.

Last summer, two Latino students from San Gabriel High School visited Taiwan for two weeks in the first part of the exchange.

The Chinese American PTA will select the students to visit Celaya, in the state of Guanajuato in central Mexico. Applications are available to any student from San Gabriel High School or Mark Keppel High School.

Students pay their own air fare, and other expenses are paid for with donations.

Information: (818) 353-6113.

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