Workers' Comp

There's been a lot in the press lately regarding workers' comp reform, particularly in the case of fraudulent "stress" claims. However, not much has been written about cases of legitimately injured workers.

I was injured in June of 1992 and am receiving roughly half of what I was making prior to the injury. Although I'm grateful for the benefits I'm receiving, I find myself "robbing Peter to pay Paul" as well as deciding whether or not I can afford groceries. I still have the same bills I had prior to the injury, and, though I underwent surgery last December, I'm still not able to function in a manner that would allow me to return to work. Though I'm a renter, I may find myself homeless due to the pitiful compensation I receive.

Sure, I know there's a lot of fraud and I don't have any answers. It's sad when the state with one of the highest costs of living compensates its injured workers with one of the lowest benefits.



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