ENCINO : DWP Tells Timetable for Filtration Plant

Los Angeles water and power officials have released a series of “milestones” intended to set the pace for development of a $150-million water filtration plant for Encino Reservoir.

Under a pact signed last week with the state Department of Health Services, the reservoir is one of four in which drinking water must be purified because it is exposed to the elements and poses risks of waterborne diseases.

Although no site has been selected for the Encino facility and it is not scheduled to be completed until January, 2003, preliminary design work for the plant must begin by February, 1996. An environmental impact report is due by December, 1996, and a detailed design and construction schedule must be ready by June, 1997.

“These dates by no means limit our ability to move ahead,” said Bruce Kuebler, DWP director of water quality, who released the dates at a Wednesday meeting of the Encino Reservoir Coalition. “They are a guarantee that sufficient progress will be made on the project.”


But at least one member of the reservoir coalition, which is a citizens panel working with DWP officials to select a location for the plant, was not satisfied with the schedule.

“They are allowing way too much time for something that should be done in short order,” Gerald A. Silver said. “We’ll be 10 years in Encino without good water.”