Defending Truckers

I read the story about the activists in Simi Valley who are opposing the McDonald’s and the truckers who want to eat there (Aug. 21). This is nothing more than a few morons who need to get a life.

Truckers are people too. I have been a dump trucker in Simi for 20 years. We built all those houses and roads off Yosemite and McDonald’s and most of this valley. And now a few idiots have nothing better to do than play newspeople.

They say they don’t have a vendetta against McDonald’s, so it must be against truckers. Well, if it weren’t for truckers, your house wouldn’t be here or your car wouldn’t be out front and your house would be empty because you wouldn’t have a refrigerator or furniture, food or gasoline. And maybe we should stop those noisy garbage trucks from picking up your trash too.

It seems you clowns hate us truckers so much, we should just do away with trucks and you can live in your garbage. Get a clue. Truckers are people, too.



Simi Valley