GLENDALE : Man Jailed in Racist Stamp Case Released

A Glendale man has been released from custody after his arrest last week for allegedly stamping white-supremacist messages in notebooks at a Covina supermarket, police said Monday.

Allan E. Carlson, 29, was arrested Friday on suspicion of malicious mischief at Lucky Food Center, 543 N. Azusa Ave.

Because the allegation is a misdemeanor, Carlson was released on his own recognizance, said Covina Police Lt. Kim Raney. Carlson was ordered to appear Oct. 20 at Citrus Municipal Court in West Covina.

Police said security guards at the Lucky supermarket spotted Carlson stamping the message “Earth’s most endangered species: the white race, help preserve it” on about 30 notebooks.


No charges have been filed and police have yet to submit their report for review by the district attorney’s office, Raney said.

“We have now until Oct. 20 to finish our investigation,” he said.

Carlson could not be reached for comment Monday.

If convicted of a misdemeanor malicious mischief charge, Carlson could be sentenced for up to one year in County Jail and fined $50,000, depending on the amount of damage, prosecutors said.


Officials at Thrifty Drug and Target department stores in Covina also have reported finding white supremacist messages stamped in several notebooks, Covina Police Sgt. Jim Mangiapane said.