GROUND BOUND: The sluggish economy and competition...

GROUND BOUND: The sluggish economy and competition with other airports have been blamed for the decline in activity at Van Nuys Airport. . . . “Business is off,” said Richard Davison, assistant manager of the airport. “People just aren’t flying as much.”

OLDIE BUT GOODY: Stan Weisleder of Calabasas could be compared to a real-life Clark Kent, mild-mannered at work, daring defender of the oppressed when in uniform (B3). . . . A reservist in the child abuse detail of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Weisleder, now 59, earned his uniform three years ago, the oldest person ever to have graduated from the department’s training academy.

RESTRAINT, PLEASE: The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday urged local cable TV operators to voluntarily refrain from raising their rates for basic service amid reports that those rates will significantly increase, starting today (B1). . . . Cable operators are required by federal regulations to cut their charges for multiple hookups, converters and remote control devices. . . . But to offset the lost revenue, they are also proposing to raise the rates for basic service. “The bottom line is that the little guy will pay more,” Councilman Joel Wachs says.

FAULK FEARS: If USC couldn’t stop him, what kind of chance does Cal State Northridge stand against Marshall Faulk, San Diego State’s Heisman Trophy candidate? The Matadors find out Saturday when they open the 1993 football season against the best running back in college football (C8). . . . CSUN players say they look forward to the challenge.


SYLMAR SUPREME: Pity the poor Valley Pac-8 Conference. Everyone is getting just a bit tired of watching Sylmar run wild. And it doesn’t look like the 1993 football season will provide much relief (C8). . . . The defending city champions are the class of the conference again.

Air Traffic Tally

There were 9,035 fewer takeoffs and landings at Van Nuys Airport during the first six months of 1993 compared to the same period last year. January to June figures since 1991: 1991: 247,988 1992: 254,649 1993: 245,614 Source: Los Angeles Dept. of Airports