High Life: A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : Help! I Need Somebody--Help! Not Just Anybody

Like everyone, teen-agers experience their share of dilemmas. But when does a situation require outside help? Hot Topics asks: “What was the last problem you faced for which you asked for help?”

“Somebody tried to start a fight with me. I asked a teacher and older family members.”

Ulises Garcia, 15,

sophomore, El Modena


“I needed help Boogie boarding. I asked my friend.”

Sarah Goldstein, 14,

freshman, Loara

“Getting my driver license, because my dad made me pass his test before I passed the real one. I had to parallel park. I had to be ready in his eyes before I was ready in the state’s eyes.”


David Ojeda, 17,

senior, Cypress

“It was a homework problem. I asked my teacher.”

Sam Chao, 14,


freshman, Esperanza

“I don’t ask for help that much. It’s kind of weird. I asked my parents to decide on . . . technicalities to do with the school newspaper and about future career plans.”

Joe Sherbanee, 16,

senior, Mater Dei


“I don’t have any problems.”

Matt Jacquot, 17,

senior, Villa Park

“We were in the car. The cops pulled us over because our music was too loud. They searched us and went through everything. We asked the cops for help to get out of a ticket. But we got the ticket anyway.”


Matt Lamp, 16,

junior, Santa Margarita

“Whenever I have problems I don’t want help, because they give me answers that don’t help me. They’re irrelevant to what I’m asking.”

Joy Facer, 15,


sophomore, Esperanza

“My friend ran a red light and got hit by a car. I asked (another) friend to take me to the hospital.”

Dedrick Ennis, 16,

junior, Savanna


“My boyfriend. Another guy came into the picture. He just wanted to be friends, but my boyfriend thought it was more. I asked my friends for help.”

Jennifer Arick, 16,

junior, Rosary

“A ball hit me in the eye playing baseball, and I wanted to see if anything was wrong. I asked my neighbor, who is a doctor.”


Mike Roa, 17,

senior, Cypress

“I needed help at school with a test. I asked my friend.”

Candice Looney, 17,


senior, Esperanza

“There were problems in my relationship with my boyfriend. I asked our swim coach. She helped me a lot.”

Jennifer Anderson, 16,

senior, Brea Olinda


“At the beginning of the year, gang members would threaten to kill anyone who wore red. I asked teachers and friends to help.”

Brigitt Lopez, 16,

junior, Brea Olinda

“I had homework problems. I asked my friends.”


Diane Baek, 17,

senior, Canyon

“Chemistry. I couldn’t understand it. I asked my friend. I didn’t get an F, so that was good enough.”

Frances Fang, 16,


senior, Santiago

“I got lost in East Los Angeles and I asked some guy at a gas station for directions.”

Michelle Barbarotta, 17,

senior, Valencia


Responses were gathered by Brian Singer.