SIMI VALLEY : Residents Given Weed Warning

The city of Simi Valley is warning property owners that they must clear their land of tumbleweeds and other debris to prevent the city from doing the work and billing the landowners for it.

City employees are now canvassing neighborhoods and identifying parcels that pose potential safety problems, said Joe Hreha, a deputy director in the city’s Environmental Services Department.

Residents and property owners who are cited have until Oct. 29 to clean up their land, Hreha said.

After that date, properties which were not cleaned up will be declared a public nuisance and cleared at the owner’s expense, Hreha said.


Last year, cleanup notices were sent to 224 property owners.

Of those, two properties were declared public nuisances and only one was cleared by the city and the owner billed for the work.

For additional information on the city’s tumbleweed abatement program, property owners should call the Environmental Services Department at 583-6316.