Irvine Refuses to Join Committee on Future Use of El Toro Base


The Irvine City Council Tuesday night officially rejected an invitation to be part of the Board of Supervisors’ advisory committee on redevelopment of the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station.

The county plans to hold an organizational meeting of its 21-member task force next week, but South County cities are expected to boycott the meeting because the committee will not give them a final say in the El Toro redevelopment plan.

Irvine City Councilwoman Paula Werner said the city was asked by the county Tuesday not to take an official vote on attending the first meeting because the county still hoped that South County city officials would change their minds. However, Werner said the Irvine Council is unanimous in its opposition to the county’s plans.

“From Irvine’s standpoint, Irvine is the city that will be impacted (by the base redevelopment plan) and Irvine must be in the driver’s seat.”


Irvinehas agreed to contribute $5,000 toward a $30,000 contract for a consultant to be hired by Irvine and five other South County cities. The cities are scheduled to announce the formation of an intergovernmental agency that will compete with the county for the future planning of the 4,700-acre base by the end of the week.