Remote Switch Works Best

If Rachel Sizgorich (Talk Back, Aug. 29) and others like her are “repulsed” by HBO’s “Dream On” (or any other show for that matter), then why do they watch it? Am I the only one who has figured out how to deal with this problem? Change channels! If no one watches it, it goes off the air. What’s the big deal?

Pamela Heaton, Redondo Beach

Fox’s ‘County’ Is an Adventure

I’m impressed with Fox’s new “The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.” It was the first two-hour premiere (Aug. 27) I have ever seen that actually kept my attention (dare I say I was gripped?) for the whole program.


Susanna Modjallal, Encino

Reviewing KNBC’s Sheehan

Am I the only person in L.A. who believes that KNBC’s alleged “entertainment editor,” David Sheehan, is accepting a salary for nothing? His overhyped reports consist of either fawning interviews or old gossip. The last straw was his reportage of Julia Roberts’ and Lyle Lovett’s secret wedding reception, which had taken place two weeks before his belated report (and who cares?). What does this guy do all day? God forbid, he should actually go out and review small theater. Or lesser-known films that might be compelling or unusual. Please ... hire a real reviewer who will spend time reviewing instead of drooling over celebrities.

Alta P. McGovern, Sherman Oaks


News Gets Low Priority

A man is executed. A doctor is stabbed. NASA loses a billion-dollar project. Yet Michael Jackson and Burt and Loni are the top of the news.

Does anyone else have a problem with this?

Monica Kroenlein, Placentia