Thou Shalt Buy My Book


In the fallout from the greed decade of the 1980s, it’s time for the business world to have a soul.

Or so says Rabbi Wayne Dosick, whose “The Business Bible: Ten New Commandments for Creating an Ethical Workplace” (William Morrow & Co.) applies lessons from many religions to propose new rules for a saner, more successful business world.

“Most of us know right from wrong, but the pursuit of money and success makes people forget the lessons we learned as kids,” Dosick said.

Dosick, who lives in La Costa, Calif., said he tried to take teachings from Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Native American traditions.


One proposed commandment is: Remember the Sabbath.

“In all my years of visiting people in hospitals and nursing homes, not once did any one of these people ever say to me, ‘Oh Rabbi, I wish I had spent more time at work,’ ” Dosick wrote.