STYLE: FASHION : Law of Averages

There is a fall here. It's not as dramatic as in other places, but it's the only fall we have. And the law of averages dictates that you'll need some new clothes to get through it. Somewhere out there, waiting just for you, is a comfortable suit, a sweater you'll never want to part with and at least one hat you'll someday consider a collector's item. While menswear may not change much from year to year, there are a few things to remember this season: Wool can be good, velvet is even better and a little color won't kill you. Putting some thoughtinto your wardrobe won't hurt, and then nothing will be average.


Styled by Michael Eisenhower

Grooming: Susie Jasper/Cloutier; assistant stylist: Clyde Ray Brual; model: Charlie the Bird/Carole Naff Management

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