Executive Travel : Personal View

Charlotte J. Wiethoff

Name: Charlotte J. Wiethoff

Position: Executive office director

Company: Viking Office Products, Los Angeles


“One of the biggest problems of business travel is large convention crowds,” says Wiethoff. “I try to avoid large convention hotels, but that’s not always possible, because they offer rates that can be half those at other hotels. In a large convention hotel, you’re sometimes treated just like a number and there is a shortage of taxis.

“When I’m at a convention, I try to plan my schedule so that I have no more than two or three meetings a day. Filling up my schedule with meetings can be exhausting, and I like to allow some time to rest and visit friends socially.

“I pack for a business trip very quickly, usually in about 20 minutes. I always take a pair of comfortable shoes--never high heels--because I like to explore a place I’m visiting.”

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