Destructive Change

It’s that time of year again that the city of Moorpark celebrates Country Days. What an inaccurate and ironic enumeration indeed, when the city of Moorpark seems intent on destroying any country in Moorpark.

I’ve lived in Moorpark all my life, and I’ve seen it change from a rural, smog-free, quiet town, into a menagerie of strip malls, housing developments and traffic. All this in the name of “progress.”

I hope that the new citizens of Moorpark remember the cities they left behind for the peace of Moorpark, and I hope they recall that those cities once believed they were engaged in something called “progress.”

I encourage the City Council to stop kowtowing to powerful developers and to not develop the area’s North Hills, or the celebration of Country Days will truly be a nostalgic look back at a past that can be no more, a past that will be irrevocably lost.