Remarks to Lawyer

* Re “Judge Sanctions Male Lawyer for Remarks to Female Prosecutor,” Sept. 16:

It is both disturbing and remarkable that a local federal judge has taken it upon herself to regulate the opinions expressed privately by a male lawyer to a female attorney.

Regardless of the merits of the lawyer’s opinion, it was my understanding that the Constitution permits the expression of all opinions, even dumb ones. It might be helpful to all of us if Judge Alicemarie H. Stotler could issue a list of “approved” opinions that may be safely expressed without invoking the wrath of the state.

I was also unaware until now that there is protection offered under the law from having one’s feelings hurt by insensitive comments. Is the judge implying that female attorneys are particularly susceptible to such injury, thus requiring special state protection? Or do all attorneys now have the option of going into court to seek sanctions when an adversary makes an injudicious comment?


Somewhere, Joseph Stalin must be laughing his head off.


Diamond Bar