LA PALMA : City Seeks to Prevent 2 Toys' Sale at Parade

The city will ask street vendors to not sell Poppers and Silly String during the La Palma Days Parade next month after complaints last year about the items.

Council member Duane F. Schuster wanted the city to prohibit the sale of the popular items, sold in most toy stores. Schuster said Poppers make "irritating" noises, and Silly String can be a hazard to people attending the parade because the substance is slippery.

Poppers are thumbnail-sized projectiles that produce a small bang on impact with another object. Silly String is an aerosol toy that shoots a stream of confetti-like string.

"Last year, there were those kids who got carried away and were throwing poppers at each other and some were getting hit in the face," said Ron Kenny, director of recreation and community services.

But City Atty. Joel D. Kuperberg said that unless officials were willing to make a citywide ban of both items, instituting a one-day prohibition would be "legally problematic."

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