Actress Offers Reward to Find Kidnaped Girl

<i> Associated Press</i>

Actress Winona Ryder offered a $200,000 reward Saturday for the safe return of 12-year-old Polly Klaas, saying videotapes of the kidnaped girl stirred memories of her childhood in Petaluma.

Ryder said a recent “America’s Most Wanted” broadcast showed a home video of Polly acting on the same junior high school stage on which Ryder began her acting career, also at age 12.

“This case has really hit home for me because I grew up here in Petaluma,” said Ryder, 21. “I left home, went and made movies and know how scared I was to be away from home--though obviously in completely different circumstances.


“I just want to try to help in any way I can to bring Polly back,” she said.

The reward will be administered by the city of Petaluma, with funds offered to anyone providing information leading to the girl’s safe return, police said.

Polly was abducted Oct. 1 from her Petaluma home as she and two friends played a board game. Her mother, Eve Nichol, was sleeping in a room nearby. Police believe the kidnaper entered the home through an unlocked door or window. Once inside, he threatened the girls with a knife, then tied and gagged them. He asked, “Who lives here?” before taking Polly and leaving the others.

Police on Saturday reported no progress in the search for the girl, but Sgt. Mike Kerns said 25 members of the force planned to work through the weekend.