Carl Thomas Sr.; Banned From Nevada Casinos

<i> Associated Press</i>

Carl Wesley Thomas Sr., a member of Nevada’s “black book” of persons banned from the state’s casinos, has been killed in an Oregon traffic accident. He was 60.

Authorities said Thomas was driving alone Nov. 4 11 miles south of Frenchglen when his truck swerved and rolled over.

Thomas was a gaming executive whose career crumbled when the FBI caught him teaching mob figures how to skim money from Las Vegas casinos in 1979.


Mobster Joe Agosto testified that he and Thomas plotted to skim $50,000 a month from the Tropicana.

Thomas was convicted on 10 counts of skimming $280,000 from the Tropicana and sentenced to 15 years in prison in 1983.

His prison time was cut to two years when he agreed to testify against organized crime figures in another skimming case involving $2 million taken from Argent Corp.