Woman Accused in Slayings of 2 Daughters Arrested

Associated Press

Police tracking a woman accused in the slayings of her two daughters in California nine years ago caught up with her in Utah.

Theresa Jimmie Knorr, 47, was arrested Wednesday by local police and two detectives from Placer County, Calif., who staked out a post office box and an address where Knorr reportedly worked.

Knorr and two sons were charged with murder last week after another Knorr daughter called authorities, said Placer County Sheriff Donald J. Nunes.

Knorr, allegedly living under an alias, was booked into the County Jail. Officials believed her to have been in Utah since 1988.


Suesan Knorr, 17, was doused with gasoline in 1984 and burned alive, Nunes said. Half sister Sheila Gay Sanders, 20, was starved to death while imprisoned in a closet in Sacramento, police said.

Their mother was charged last week in Auburn with murder and conspiracy in both deaths, along with sons William Robert Knorr, 26, and Robert Wallace Knorr, 24. She allegedly enlisted her sons to help carry out the killings and dispose of the bodies. William Knorr was arrested last week. Robert Knorr was in custody in Nevada on unrelated murder charges.

In 1964, Theresa Knorr, then 18 and pregnant, was acquitted of killing her husband, Clifford Sanders. She claimed self-defense. Police have reopened their investigation into the death of Knorr’s sister, who was strangled in 1983.