Trial Date Set in Sex Assault Case


A Circuit Court judge on Tuesday set Jan. 10 as the trial date for Lorena Bobbitt, who is charged with maliciously wounding her husband by cutting off his penis last June.

Judge Leroy Millette said the trial will be televised, after prosecutors and her defense lawyers raised no objections.

Millette said the Court Television cable network would have a single camera in the courtroom and pool the video with other channels that want to televise the proceedings. A single still camera also will be allowed.

Mrs. Bobbitt plans to defend herself by claiming temporary insanity, and the judge agreed to allow psychiatrists picked by both sides to interview her.

Mrs. Bobbitt, 24, who works as a manicurist at a local beauty parlor, faces a maximum of 20 years in prison if convicted. She appeared in court Tuesday with her lawyer, James Lowe, but did not comment.

Her husband, John, 26, a former Marine who works part time at a nightclub, was acquitted on Nov. 10 of charges that he raped her. His trial was not televised.

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