The Region : Permits to Hike County Trails to Go on Sale

Permits to hike the more than 330 miles of trails that crisscross Los Angeles County's parks will go on sale Wednesday.

Annual permits cost $23 and can be purchased at parks, recreation district offices and at various stables and bike and sporting goods stores, said Department of Parks and Recreation spokeswoman Sheila Ortega. Day passes good for three consecutive days cost $6.

A trail permit or day pass is required for all persons 16 years or older who use the hiking, jogging, mountain biking and equestrian dirt trails maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department. Those who use the trails without passes are subject to a $54 fine.

All proceeds from the sale of trail permits go to a county fund used exclusively for trail maintenance, Ortega said. For more information on trails or trail permits, call the Department of Parks and Recreation at (818) 855-5384.

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