Street Construction Is Hurting Businesses

* This is in reference to your story (Nov. 16) on the construction taking place on Laurel Canyon Boulevard near Ventura Boulevard that is putting small businesses out of business.

I have been a customer at the Coffee Canteen since before the construction began this summer and throughout the constant turmoil that has ensued.

The article portrayed the business owners as crybabies looking to make Joel Wachs a scapegoat. They are not. I have witnessed their constant phone calls downtown pleading for any information about why they have had only two parking spaces and no front entrance since July.

The signs blaming Wachs did not result from an on-the-spot decision to blame somebody who couldn't help them. They represented a last, desperate attempt to get the councilman's attention.

This job was to have ended over a month ago, and now the news is that it will probably last into the new year. Merry Christmas to all the business owners who will be collecting unemployment this holiday season.


Studio City

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